About us

Supply Jars was founded by a group of experts in the glass and closure industry with over 35 years of experience

Our focus was to bring a bright and colourful edge to glass purchasing while maintaining a professional service for both business and home users. Our knowledge of available products spans far wider than you see on our site so feel free to ask us questions if you have a particular requirement in mind. Our jars are sourced with quality in mind and are suitable for food grade preserving. We pride ourselves on the most diverse range of kilner style jars on the market at affordable prices so you can give your product a competitive edge.

Our premium jars come in interesting shapes and sizes with a wide range of twist off caps to match. Don't forget our standard jars of course, they are the most cost effective in the market. Our bottles range from oil to soft drink to beer. Why not indulge your product with a swing stopper bottle that your customer can use over and over again, or you could even encourage a returnable system.

Fill your beer into our British made lightweight amber bottles and seal them with a crown cap using our hand capper. Or fill into our clear bottles if you are more partial to cider. If you want to make a bigger impression why not have a look out our range of growlers from 1 to 3 litres.

Our caps are sourced from audited factories across Europe and are of the highest standard. Most of our jars require twist of caps which come in black, silver and gold. For a minimum of 100,000 you can have your own printed twist off cap.

Beer bottles require crown caps which we can also supply in those standard colours with an MOQ of 60,000 for printed. There is also an extensive range of corks and screw caps available for oil and soft drink products.

Our team

the SupplyJars team is on standby to help with all your storage needs

Aunt Polly has spent considerable time exploring new ideas and recipes to inspire our customers. We have the products and recipes for wedding favours to kids parties. Aunt Polly's blog is always updated to give you new ways of preserving and filling and if you need more help just ask her.

She can also provide bespoke decoration and custom recipe service on request.