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Lime Pickle

20 whole limes + juice from 8 limes
20 green chillis
6 tbs rock salt and divide in half
4 bay leaves crumbled
180g fresh root ginger chopped finely
Wash and dry the whole limes and cut them into quarters. Remove
pips. Slit the chillis and remove seeds, but leave whole with stalks
left on.
Put half the salt aside. Place a layer of limes in the bottom of a jar and sprinkle with a little salt from the remaining salt and
add a sprinkle of bay leaves.
Add a couple of chilli and a couple of spoonfuls of the ginger. Do the same layering again until all the
ingredients are used up, except the salt set aside.
Pour in the lime juice and give a good shake. Put in a sunny place for a week and
every day, add a tbs of the remaining salt until all used up.
Shake the jar a couple times a day and turn the jar, so all sides are
exposed to sunlight. Put the jar in a cupboard for a couple of
weeks, giving it a daily shake.